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Next-generation sequencing or high-throughput sequencing (HTS) should be considered as an enabling technology that permits unprecedented sequencing coverage, unraveling the existence of a multitude of single nucleotide polymorphisms within a single bacterial colony (see Genome Research paper), while preserving a genome-wide perspective. More importantly, this knowledge can be expanded by multiplexing experiments during a single run, for providing time-series analyses or for comparing series of experimental conditions. Alternatively, this approach permits a systematic analysis of transcripts, including detection small non-coding RNA (ncRNA).

Research Projects
  qMRSA: Detection of MRSA
  MagRSA: Automated Diagnosis of MRSA
  S. aureus biofilms
  S. aureus Intracellular Survival
  S. aureus Proteomics
  NRP-49 Projects: Antimicrobial Resistance
  GESNOMA: Noma disease
  MLVA: S. aureus Genotyping
  MIF Knock-Out Mouse Macrophages
  Patho-adaptation of S. aureus
  Phylogenetic Microarray
  High Throughput Sequencing

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